Please check the Calendar for availability then send an email (form below) with your request.  The calendar is updated on a weekly basis.

Fruitdale Grange now offers some in house catering for special events!  If you are interested in a quote, please mention that when requesting rental information. 

Arrangements to use Audio/Visual equipment must be made in advance as there is an additional fee.

The Fruitdale Grange consists of 3 rentable spaces, the Dining Room (seating for 48), the Kitchen and the Main Hall (seating for 72).  The max capacity 184.  We have tables and chairs for 120.  If you are renting for over 4 hours, please call for pricing.

When you rent the full Hall, you have access to both the Dining Room and Main Hall and limited use of the kitchen. Cost is $100-$150 an hour. To rent the Dining Room with limited kitchen use, rent is $55 an hour.  To rent the Dining Room for a small group/meeting, rent is $40 an hour.  Parties of 35 or smaller will be given the Dining Room which seats 48. Kitchen only rental is $20 an hour and requires insurance and food handlers license. Full day use or multiple day use prices will be negotiated at time of contact

Deposits range from $50 to $100 and typically is fully refundable. Deposit must be paid in cash the day of the event.

Deposit will not be be refunded if:

  • If rental agent has to do any cleaning after your event (emptying trash, cleaning up glitter, wiping tables/chairs/counters, sweeping/moping of obvious messes or cleaning kitchen)
  • All doors must be kept closed once loading/unloading is done.  We have cameras and sensors that will indicate if that is not the case and deposit will not be returned.  We’ll add that to the utilities fund.

If your event is open to the public, you must provide a one million dollar liability policy adding the Fruitdale Grange as “additionally insured”.  Policy needs to be emailed to at least 5 days in advance.

Cancellations must be made 2 weeks in advance for a full refund.

There is NO REFUND for parties that booked/paid for specific times and leave early.

Dining Room Rental

$40-55 an hour. Deposit and insurance needs determined at time of booking.

Single Use Kitchen Rental

Minimum of $20 an hour. Food Handlers license and insurance must be provided.

Single Use Full Rental

$100-$150 an hour. Deposit and insurance needs determined at time of booking.

Interested in renting the Grange?

Send us an email with your information and we’ll follow up as soon as possible.

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