The Shoes for Kids Project

In 2015, the Fruitdale Grange initiated a community service project called “Shoes For Kids,” which has been a source of immense pride. Through the years, we’ve provided hundreds of children with new shoes, and more recently, we’ve included socks in our efforts.

The need for shoes extends beyond the back-to-school season. Our community’s children, including foster kids, the homeless, and families facing tough times, require footwear year-round. Let’s stand together and ensure that every child’s feet are supported and cared for, regardless of the circumstances they face.

Each child has up to $50 to buy shoes. Many are able to buy more than 1 pair AND socks!

Since 2015, we have raised over $60,000 and helped over 1,500 kids have happy feet.

We not only try and provide for school, but at any time throughout the year.

From experience, we know what a new pair of shoes can do for a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Your donation allows us to be prepared and ready to help children when the need arises.

If you’d like to become a regular supporter of Shoes for Kids, join our 105 Club!

We thank you so much for your support and donation!

Shoes for Kids Donations

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