The Fruitdale Grange is entering our 5th year of a community service project that we’re very proud of…Shoes For Kids. In the past 4 years, we’ve helped a total of 782 children with gift certificates for new school shoes. What we are finding however is the need is not just at back to school time. Children in our community could need shoes at any time. Foster children, the homeless, families who have found themselves down on their luck. So many unfortunate reasons. We would like to be able to help them when the need arises throughout the year. To accomplish this, we have developed what we hope will be a successful annual sponsorship opportunity that businesses and individuals can afford to commit to. It’s called the “105 Club”. Each gift certificate is valued at $35. $105 will buy for 3 children. Our annual goal is 100 members. That will allow us $10,500 to purchase enough certificates for 300 children annually. Along with the annual fundraisers that we currently do such as Bunco several times a year and the annual Sock Hop Dance, we feel that we will be prepared to help children as needed throughout the year. Agencies within Josephine County will be notified of our service should any of their clients need it.

We are asking for your help. Would you be interested in committing to an annual sponsorship of $105 for 1, 2, 3 or more years? You would be billed on an annual basis each November beginning in 2018. In thanks, your name/business will be on our website for the full year and on the “105 Club” board in the Fruitdale Grange lobby.

Current Members

Thomas & Debra Wilson

Karen Tolle

The David Wright Family

William & Marsha Emerson

Clarence & Jill Hamm

Heritage Plumbing

Betty J Morgan Trust

My Bookstore, LLC


Sue Brown

Lonnie & Deborah Johnson

Jackie Adams

Cat Bonney & Shannon Webb

Caveman Heating & Air

Nancy & Corwin Kozminski

Wm John Rall


The Clutter Bee, LLC

Booth Insurance

Design! by Kiltz…Christy Kiltz

Don & Janice Malnar

Daniel & Shannon Bifano

Darin & Judi Fowler

Lawton Lesueur

Siskiyou Corporation

Rick & Kim Samuelson

John & Judy Blackett

K & L Chem Dry…Lance & Karen

Jim Sigel Automotive

Farmer’s Building & Pet Supply

Martha Basura

Rogue Valley Young Marines

Grants Pass Active Club

Become A Member

If you wish to join the “105 Club” please print out the Sign-Up Form and mail your check to:
Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale Drive, Grants Pass OR 97527